Episode 7: Investing with Lydia Idem

EPISODE 7 | Lydia Idem | Jan 11, 2023

How can a trader and investor make a difference for small businesses?

Investor, investment advisor and VC fund manager Lydia Idem is well acquainted with career pivots. Although she started her career in computer science, she made the switch to forex trading when she was still young and now invests in companies primarily located in Africa that work to solve problems for locals in their region.

Lydia discusses how her mother was able to set her up for a financial success at a young age, and especially how her mother introduced her to the forex market. She explains why she believes that forex is so perfect for beginner traders and what makes it so accessible, as well as how that instrument fits her personal trading style and how she’s able to apply the lessons she’s learned trading forex to other assets.

Accessibility has been a driving force throughout Lydia’s career, and not just through trading forex. She explains why investing in other businesses isn’t solely up to venture capital firms – individual investors can be involved as well. Her goal for her own business, FM Capital Group, is to show people how accessible venture capital can be and how to include it as an asset class in their portfolio.

Lydia Idem is an investor, trader and investment advisor, and is managing director of FM Capital Group and COO of LoftyInc Capital Management. She has been investing in startups for the past 17 years, but has expanded her portfolio into Africa and hopes to make an impact for small businesses around the world. She values accessibility in the markets and, through FM Capital Group, works with angel investors in the African diaspora to fund businesses in both Africa and Latin America.