Episode 5: Trading and Risk with Kira Turner

EPISODE 5 | Kira Turner | Nov 30, -0001

How can jumping out of a plane make you a better trader?

Kira Turner is a professional trader and co-moderator of T3 Live’s Inner Circle room, but she’s also a rodeo competitor, skydiver and scuba diver. She credits her participation in extreme sports with her ability to remain calm and manage risk in her trading, and she explains why risk management is so crucial in this episode of Madam Trader.

Although Kira was initially drawn to trading because she was able to find success early on, she still relied on a mentor to show her how to manage risk and find the right trades. She believes every beginner should have a similar mentor, someone who is experienced and can help them to parse through the overload of information that can be found online.

And some of those beginner traders belong to Kira’s own family. She’ll discuss how her kids are becoming interested in trading and the advice that she is giving to them as they get started in the markets. But she is setting them up for financial success outside of trading, too. She talks about how she teaches them to be responsible with their own money and how she educates them on financial literacy at different stages in their lives.

Kira Turner is a professional trader and has co-moderated the Inner Circle trading room after starting as a room member. She traded at Cornerstone Securities from 1994-2001, and re-entered the pro trading arena after managing a large real estate investment portfolio. Kira is an extreme sports enthusiast and enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and competing in rodeo. She is based in Austin, Texas.