Episode 1: Trading with Anne Marie Baiynd

EPISODE 1 | Anne Marie Baiynd | Oct 5, 2022

Professional author, trader, and CEO of thetradingbook.com Anne Marie Baiynd talks about the mindset that all traders need when they approach the market and how she learned those traits from her family. She also goes through the pivots she’s made in her career, moving from neuroscience research to owning her own business to being a successful trader.

Baiynd credits her attitude to her success in the market – as a beginner, she struggled with being able to admit when she was wrong, but now she knows when to take a hard look at what she’s doing wrong and what she needs to change. Coming from a family of immigrants and business owners taught her how to persevere and stay humble, and her late father taught her how to stay positive even in the face of trouble.

And she’s no stranger to keeping her cool in the face of major change. Baiynd started her career as a neuroscience researcher, which sparked her passion for science but didn’t come with a lucrative salary, so she switched to recruiting and running her own business. As an introvert, she burned out quickly in an industry that required her to be outgoing. But she landed on trading after hearing a speaker at an event talking about technical analysis and thought “I can do that!”

Anne Marie Baiynd is a professional author, trader, and CEO of thetradingbook.com. After working as a neuroscience researcher and entrepreneur, she has traded professionally for 19 years and now mentors other traders through trading seminars and her esteemed book, The Trading Book.

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