Build a community of women who will diversify wall street, take up space, build more wealth, and set their own agendas.


Prepare to be inspired as host Ashley Kyle Miller talks with expert woman traders about their unique stories of growing their accounts, making their own rules, and creating the lives they want to live.

Is less of a sliver and more of a Grand Canyon. Women own just 32 cents to every dollar a man owns. For Black or Latinx women, that number plummets to just one penny.

The workforce is built around and for men – especially white men- and that reality, along with other systems of oppression, have held women in poverty for far too long. Women in the United States pay for their gender in nearly every facet of their life, including childbearing and rearing, caring for sick loved-ones, everyday purchases, college debts, home ownership, and more:

– Mothers earn 74 cents for every dollar fathers earn. That adds up to an $18,000 annual loss of income.

– The pink tax costs women an estimated $82,000 over their lifetimes.

– Women are 3X as likely as men to say they can’t afford to save for retirement.

– Women pay an average of 0.4% higher interest rates on mortgages than men.

– 2/3rds of it all US student loan debt is shouldered by women.

Race compounds these costs, with black and indigenous women suffering the most.

Furthermore, financial abuse is present in 99% of domestic violence cases, and is regularly named as the main reason victims of DV stay in – or return to – abusive partners. Women having access to and control over their finances can be an issue of life or death.

While we fight for systemic change to right these injustices, women need actionable solutions now. Our podcast is dedicated to providing those solutions, starting with one in a male-dominated industry: trading the stock market.

For some, trading the markets could be a very real and attainable way for women to close the wealth gap. Through conversations with women who have made this a reality, we seek to inspire other women to consider trading as one possible vehicle to take charge and direct your financial future.


Growing up in Montana, Ashley was exposed to the market’s impact on our lives through her family’s business. As a finance professional, she has seen just how disproportionately the lack of market participation has negatively affected women. She has a passion for storytelling, problem solving, and helping her friends, family, and clients achieve their goals. She is excited to bring the stories of expert women traders to a broad audience through The Madam Trader Podcast, and hopes more women will be inspired to take charge of their own financial future, and create the lives they want to live.